Here are the audio related programs on this site:

The following applications are used with the Jack-Audio-Connection-Kit.

jack_snapshot is a little tool for storing/restoring jack connection states. it does this by writing/reading the names of the connected ports into/from a simple text file. The new version of jack_snapshot will compile with gcc-4.3 and above. You can download jack_snaphot here:

jack_convolve which is a simple command-line convolution engine for jackd. It can be downloaded here:

QOscC is a highly flexible and configurable software Oscilloscope with a large number of features. This includes support for any number of audio devices (ALSA or OSS), each with any number of channels. Each scope display can be configured individually to different display types and variants. e.g. you can chose from standard y-t mode (as on an usual oscilloscope), xy mode (e.g. for measuring the phase shift between two signals) of the FFT mode (to view a spectrum plot of the signal). This software is intended for electronic hobyists, who cannot afford a hardware oscilloscope or need a simple spectrum analyzer as well as for musicans for doing basic signal analysis. Download it here.